The Hidden Power of Positivity

ICYMI: Jeopardy host Alex Trebek says he is near remission!!! What wonderful news! I couldn’t be more excited when I read, “The doctors said they hadn’t seen this kind of positive result in their memory … some of the tumors have already shrunk by more than 50 percent.”

Because I am one of those “crazy” people who believes in the power of positive energy and intention as a big part of our healing…in addition to any other forms of therapy. Not words or wishful thinking…but positively motivated energy prayers. It’s different from what I’ve ever been used to, and I practice it daily now. Words do not need to be spoken with these. It’s hard to describe, but I will try. It’s restful and meditative. The words of the heart are allowed to speak while the chattering mind takes a backseat for awhile. It is just a resting in knowing that through the storm, all will be okay. I believe it was this energy that helped us get 10 more years with my sister after she was diagnosed stage 4. I believe there is a big difference in the kind of energy we send out, so I do my best to send out only good. I’m not successful at it all the time, but more times than not. We literally have to activate this energy and we can do it anywhere and anytime. Just rest…in knowing. The more you do it, the more you feel it. And the more people who do this, the more you are aware of this wonderful energy in the room. And then, amazing things…just start to happen. This TOTAL belief in it is recent for me, but I cannot deny how many times I have seen it work over the years through others…and I cannot deny how I see it working myself today.

I love the way Alex phrases it, “I’ve got a couple million people out there who have expressed their good thoughts, their positive energy directed towards me and their prayers,” he said. “I told the doctors, this has to be more than just the chemo, and they agreed it could very well be an important part of this.” – KW