These Boots Were Made For Dancing! ~ CASH

These boots were made for dancing!

And that’s just what I intend to do with them, this Saturday night! Dancing with the Paws is going down on Saturday night at Chrysler Hall in beautiful Norfolk, Virginia! The event is to help all the animals at VBSPCA. Tickets are $35 dollars and available here.

I can’t believe it all comes down to Saturday night! It seems like only yesterday that I first met with Emily and we began discussing options for the contest. I initially accepted to be a part of this wonderful showcase while I was still living in Texas. The moment I arrived in Hampton Roads, we began to rehearse. After a good month and a half of rehearsing, I can tell you that I have a whole new appreciation for dancers. Dancing is no joke and it is one hell of a workout. Our routine is exactly 2 minutes long and by the time we’re done, you would’ve thought I just got done running 5 miles! Folks, if you’re looking to lose some pounds, dance!

The weird thing, I hurt my left bicep somehow. Now, I know what you’re thinking…how does this weird guy injure his arm and not his leg? I wish I knew. I can’t believe I’ve sustained an injury dancing. Like I said before, I have a whole new appreciation for dancers. This is hard work! My hope is that I don’t make my dance partner look bad. She keeps telling me I’ll be fine, but I think she’s just being nice to me. However, I do feel pretty confident in my dancing ability. I fully intend on winning this competition.

We’ll see you on Saturday night at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk. Don’t forget, bring your dancing shoes!