Dancing For Paws 2019 Recap! ~ CASH

Dancing for Paws 2019 recap!

This past Saturday night we all gathered at Chrysler Hall in beautiful Norfolk, VA to help several dogs and cats find their forever homes. That, and we sprinkled in a little dancing here and there.

The day started early, with a noon dress rehearsal at the theater. The fine folks at Acredale Saddlery hooked me up with the beautiful clothes that I performed in. I had to keep my shirt a secret, so I showed up wearing boots and jeans. The stage was a little smaller than what we had been using at our rehearsal space, but overall, it worked out. My wife insisted that I wear my hair down because that would help me if there were more women judges. She was right! As soon as I showed up to the venue, I started asking around if I should go hair up or down. Everyone agreed, no brainer, Cash, wear it down. I do as I’m told, folks. I wore my hair down. It’s like I keep telling the guys in Hampton Roads, “Fellas! The sooner you allow your lady to pick your clothes out, the better looking you will be.” By the way, if we were having a contest for who was wearing the best threads, it had to have been me. Did you see how beautiful my shirt was? If not, take a look!


Emily and I were the last couple to dance before intermission and I will be honest with you, my heart was pumping pretty fast before the curtain came up. The music started and we did our thing. You can watch the whole video on the Eagle Facebook page. There were a few times when we, or should I say, me, lost track of what I was doing, but from what everyone was saying, you couldn’t tell at all. My dance partner, Emily, is the real deal folks. She’s so good at what she does she made up for the things that I messed up on. I have a new appreciation for those who dance. I’m just hoping she was paid a lot for having to choreograph so much.

At the end of the performance, I was awarded the “Mr. Personality” award. I’ve got that trophy on display in my living room. The VBSPCA had a lovely after party for us where they gave us more rewards to thank us for helping them out. If anything, I would like to thank them for allowing me the opportunity to try something I’ve never done before. Honestly, I’ve always thought that I have some decent rhythm and was always curious about the idea of learning some new dance moves. Perhaps, something my wife and I can take up. Another thing, dancing is a great way to burn some calories, albeit, having a blast!

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to support and for those pondering the idea of welcoming a furry friend into their homes, adopt. These cute little fur babies deserve a nice home and I think yours would be a perfect fit.