Garth Brooks Couldn’t Distinguish His Voice from Blake Shelton’s on “Dive Bar”

The new GARTH BROOKS – BLAKE SHELTON song “Dive Bar” is out today, so “Billboard” asked Garth how Blake ended up on the track.

Garth said, “I was watching the ACMs this year, and one performance really hit me hard:  Blake [singing] ‘God’s Country’.  I thought, ‘I’m feeling something here that’s drawing me right into this television.’  So I just reached out for him.”

He says things got even better once they hit the studio.

“I want to go on record saying I did not think it would sound like this.  I didn’t know what I was expecting, but I’ve never heard him sing like that before..My biggest shock in all of this is I think I know my voice and I think I know his, but there were several times I looked over at the engineer, when we were mixing it going, ‘Is that him or me?'”

The song is on Garth’s next album, “Fun”, which may be out by late summer or early fall.  He says, quote, “We’ve probably mixed four out of the 10 to 12 [songs].  I imagine we’ll be done with that part by the end of July.”


Garth and Blake’s duet just happened to be released on Blake’s Birthday!