Cauliflower is the New Kale

I’d say about 90 percent of the time, I eat healthy. And then I do treat myself. Lately, I’ve added more veggies to my diet and have no problem with cauliflower showing up as an alternative to potatoes and wheat flour.

I did a little grocery shopping yesterday and came across something new. Cauliflower snack crackers. Now, I’ve had cauliflower mashed like potatoes, cauliflower rice and even cauliflower crust pizza and absolutely love them, so…was pretty excited about grabbing a couple of boxes of these.

I shared my find with my friends on FB, but I hadn’t tried them at the time because I was still full from lunch. My friends asked for a review and nutrition content. Not a problem!

Later that day, I tried them. I tried the cheesy ones first because I am crazy about Cheez-Its and really had high hopes there. I was disappointed. I mean, they were okay but not something I would buy again. It might have been better loaded down with some hummus or something, but alone, I wasn’t impressed.

The Sea Salt ones, however, were pretty good! They didn’t even need to be doused in ranch!

Now, I’m not saying the cheesy ones were bad…YOU might like them, so if you’re on the cauliflower bandwagon like me, go for it. But me? I’ll stick with Cheez-Its on my cheat days.

In conclusion, I’m so glad the whole kale thing is almost over. Eww. Long live cauliflower! I have no problem trying the new stuff and sharing my thoughts with you….unless, someone makes a dessert out of cauliflower, I’m good! – KW