“Life With Pets 2” Is Much Better Than Expected. ~ CASH

“Life with Pets 2” is much better than expected.

For the last several days my son has been coming after me about taking him to the movies. For some reason, he was really hung up on going to watch the new Godzilla movie. Probably because of the whole giant monsters fighting each other. Not to say that he wouldn’t have enjoyed the film, but I tried to explain to him that there may not be as much monster fighting as he’s anticipating. You know, the whole boring adult conversations leading up to Godzilla taking out Mothra. Instead, we went to go check out Life With Pets 2.

Let me start by saying how much I enjoyed the soundtrack. Now, let me ask the question, what happened to movie soundtracks? They used to be an essential part of the story. It’s hit or miss nowadays. With the exception of animated movies. Life with Pets 2 has a very broad range of music that seems to elevate the scenes. From Coolio to ZZ Top, the music really accommodated the story. I feel like the writers write the film knowing that the parents will be in the audience. It was funny. The continuity was solid and there was a nice message to kids to face their fears.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. I would have to say that this film was much better than the last movie I took my son to watch. Which by the way, it was the Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie. Yikes! But, whatever baby boy wants to watch, I’m down.

My suggestion, if you want to spend a summer afternoon in the cold air conditioning with $8 cherry icee drinks, go watch “Life with Pets 2.”