Atomic Bomb Blast Leaves Cash Warren With A Useless Superpower.

The Atomic Bomb blast leaves Cash Warren with a useless superpower.

The first Atomic Bomb was tested back on July 16th, 1945, in the desert outside of my hometown of, Alamogordo, NM. The area is called Trinity Site and you can actually tour the site a few times a year.

They’ve made a couple of movies depicting how the blast effected those living in the area. They weren’t completely nuts either. Remember the movie, “The Hills Have Eyes“? Not exactly like that, but things got weird.

Instead of becoming something cool like Dr. Manhattan or the ability to turn invisible or fly, I got this. What can I do with this? My superhero power is ABNORMAL HAIR GROWTH.

Go ahead and say it, I know you’re thinking it. For a man, he’s got nice feet. Thanks, guys!