Did We Embarrass Ourselves In Front of Dierks Bentley??? {PICS}

Dierks Bentley put on an incredible show Friday night!

And we got a little too excited and may have embarrassed ourselves a bit…ok a lot.

Before the show we were backstage chatting with Jon Pardi and Tenille Townes when Dierks Bentley walked by and Stephanie tried to sneak a photo of him.

She failed.  This is the photo

Not only did she miss Dierks completely but SHE HAD THE FLASH ON! You can’t be sneaky and take a picture with the FLASH ON!

(Stephanie would like to say in her defense she had the flash on because it was dark backstage and she just took a photo with Tenille and then Dierks walked by and she forgot because it’s DIERKS BENTLEY WALKING BY!!!!)

exhibit A: the picture with Tenille that required flash

Later Dierks invited us back to his Whiskey Row lounge where Cash and Carly got a few drinks.

Which turned into a few more and ended with Cash stuffing beer into his pockets along with Carly and Stephanie’s purses to enjoy later.

Yep, that’s Cash holding one of the offending beers while Dierks shows us some of his onstage costumes for Hot Country Knights.

Cash would like to say in his defense it was FREE COLD BEER and it was SO HOT!

(PS Stephanie tried to be sneaky taking this photo too)

So who was more embarrassing? Cash or Stephanie? You decide!