Cellphone Use During Wedding Ceremonies. Rude or Not?

Honestly, I don’t think there is ever a really easy way to make everyone happy on this subject. Our phones are our way of life now. We use them for more than just communication, but to capture every moment so we can to post them for our followers, family and friends. But really, shouldn’t common sense come into play sometimes? I mean, there are certain places that our phones should be absolutely taboo, but depending on who you ask, that gets to be a really sticky subject.

Take this for example. A photographer was frustrated because a wedding goer crashed a photo opportunity with her iPhone.

Some people were definitely on the side of the photographer, while others were not so kind about her frustration. While some praised her for being so forthcoming, others believed her frustration was not valid because the photo in question was not considered a great shot anyway and unless there was clearly a “no cellphones” rule issued by the bride and groom, it was a free for all.

While I do think it’s rude to use cellphones during the wedding ceremony itself, I do agree that the family should issue a clear understanding before the event about cellphone use. Thoughts? – KW