Hot Girl Summer -Georgia

2019 is more than halfway over. I am no where near the goals I had set up for myself at the New Year. But I’m having a “Hot Girl Summer.” This new term was coined with the intention of lifting up women and embracing ourselves for the beautiful aspects and tragic flaws that we all have. It’s impossible to be perfect all the time, but we sure do try because that is what the societal norms for women have engrained in our head: Be a size 0–but still beat us in a hot dog eating contest, stay tan year round–but don’t look fake, have curves–but not cellulite, be a leader–but not bossy, be you–but not actually.

Life is filled with so many reasons to give up and sink into the unattainable– and downright wrong image society has created for women. So we’re fighting back and creating a HOT GIRL SUMMER!! (also it has been 100+ degrees outside for the last month but that’s not really what we mean). Now is the time to give yourself the one and ONLY reason to keep going: Because you can!

The beauty of women is that we don’t all have to look the same to share the same goals and ambitions as our peers. Human nature strives to create a pleasant living environment for everyone and that starts at home. To this day I still struggle with the feat of looking into a mirror every day and liking the way I look. But this is me. Together WE CAN have a Hot Girl Summer.

So grab your friends, the best playlist you can find, a nice cold drink and join me in celebrating YOU (us) in this crazy thing we called life.