A YouTuber Family Is Selling A Doll Version Of Their Newborn Son For $340 {PICS}

What is this world coming to??

The Ingham Family are from the UK and have 1.2 million subscribers who watch their vlogs chronicling the lives of their four children, the last of whom was born March 27th.  Jace was only 10 days old when he got his own Instagram account.

Now the family has announced that a doll version of their son is for sale for $340 — £279 — by itself. You can also add a “hamper” of baby accessories and outfits, bringing the total up to $418, or £344.

I mean at that point, why not?

The toy company says on its website the doll is based on Jace at 2 weeks old, and is a limited edition. Only 250 dolls will be produced and sold.

So get ’em before they’re gone??