Choose Your Own Adventure…Dreams?

Do you remember Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid?

I loved these because if you don’t like the way something turned out, just start over and get a better ending!

I was telling my husband over the weekend that I have “Choose Your Own Adventure Dreams.”

Saturday night I was having a bad dream that my husband was robbed.  I was sound asleep but I told myself this is just a dream so you can change the ending. Go to the car, he’ll be there a little hurt but he’ll be ok.  And it worked.  The dream ended and I moved on to another.

This is technically called lucid dreaming (but I like choose your own adventure dreaming better).  And it turns out this is something people try to train themselves to do.

If those tips don’t work, I say just pick up a Choose Your Own Adventure book and fall asleep reading it.  Maybe that will trigger it?