What Not To Do When Being Pulled Over By The Cops. ~ CASH

I’m always surprised to read what people do whenever they are pulled over by the police. I understand that we all have rights, but past experiences have shown me that the more cooperative you are, the more likely you are to be on your way sooner than later. Nobody wants to pay an $80 ticket, but be like the rest of us and own what you did and pay the fine. Unless of course, you have a legit reason or set of circumstances to get out of it. Or, come up with a reason to get out of it.

What are some of the excuses you could use? Here are some from the internet.

~ I have to use the bathroom.

~ I’m going to be sick and then get sick in the car.

~ Start crying.

Based on the video, we took calls on Monday morning about some of the excuses you’ve used to get out of tickets. One lady called us up and told us about the time she was pulled over when she was pregnant. She told the officer that she was having contractions and was headed to the Hospital. He let her go. What have you said to get out of a ticket?