Do You Still Believe in the 5 Second Rule?

I’ve got to admit, I’ve done it. Probably not since I was 12, but yeah. A nice chocolate chip cookie hits the floor and I was quick to grab it safely before any damage could be done.

But really. Was it safe to eat? Who cares! It was tasty!

Now that I’m grown, if it hits the floor, it goes straight in the trash. Even that tasty chocolate chip cookie. Along with my hopes and dreams.

So, what foods ARE safe to eat within the 5 second rule? Depends on the surface it comes in contact with, apparently. And…it appears that candy might be alright. You be the judge.

But…according to a recent a poll on what foods people would still eat it it fell on the floor, cookies were high on the list at 95 percent. Pizza came in second. Eww.

But what was REALLY shocking was is there was a percentage of people who would STILL eat spaghetti or an ICE CREAM CONE! Where do YOU draw the line??? – KW