H23BD to Me -Georgia

Ah my birthday, my favorite holiday of the whole year! Which also means summer is winding down, but that’s ok because its my birthday! The people who just bypass birthdays are just merely existing, not living. Making it in this crazy world is always something to celebrate. As I got older though, the lavish parties slowed down and it was up to me to coordinate my whole 3 friends and our crazy work/vacation schedules (adulting is hard) to be able to celebrate.

But I managed to pull it off this year and here is a snapshot of the fiesta:

The day started off with with working all day, but it’s fine because I had a tiara
These are my 3 friends haha
Fun Fact: I share a birthday with my oldest cat, Ezra (on the right). He turned 2 this year!
Proof that I actually left my house