Why Is Dating So Hard? -Georgia

What does a girl have to do to get a nice date around here? I’ve been living in Hampton Roads for 18 years now and on the dating scene for 10 of them. So far, no luck. You can imagine how frustrating it is to watch all my friends around me meet great partners, date for many years, and now some of them are even married. Then there’s the whole family part of them asking at every family function why I haven’t met anyone yet and when I’ll give them grandchildren. That’s a great question. I ask myself the same thing every day.

Finally, the night before the 4th of July I got a last second invite to a concert down at the oceanfront. Happily, I donned my semi-festive blue striped shorts and white bodysuit and stuffed a few spare beers in my beach bag and took off. Turns out, I never needed my own drinks because very soon after arriving, my friend introduced me to a whole crew of tall, tan, muscular, and handsome men that she had known for years. It didn’t take long before one of them attached himself to my hip for the night…. and then for the next month.

We went on a couple formal dates and lemme tell you, I hadn’t been on one of those in a very very long time. We then talked every day for the following month and everything was going well–really well– and I thought maybe–just maybe– it was finally my turn for a happily ever after. He came for my birthday celebration and bought me a brand new TV (even though I don’t have cable) and set it up for all my friends to see. We went out for drinks and he showed me off to all his friends. The next day took me out for a special day of adventures, just us. The day after that, he ghosted me.

Yea, I don’t get it either. Who buys someone a very expensive gift and then disappears?? Has this ever happened to you?? I need to know I’m not the only one!