Party Time

I’m going to be an aunt! I always thought I would be the first one in my family/friend group to get married and have kids, but per my last blog we realize now that that time for me is far, far away. For now, I’ll settle for being the fun aunt! I have had so much planning for my first niece and even have my own set of supplies and clothes for her for when baby Lyndsey gets to have sleep overs with Aunt Bri!

Naturally, I have been so excited to plan everything for my sister and last weekend we had her baby shower. At first, my family wanted to do the standard baby theme with rocking horses and rattles, but Pinterest has set my standards pretty high when it comes to designs and parties. Event planning IS my specialty, after all. I wanted my sister to have an elegant party with finger foods, mimosas, and lots of floral and glitter (totally a me thing and not at all my sister’s aesthetic, but I was in charge).

We had such a beautiful celebration for my sweet niece (as you can tell by the pics) and I am so excited to meet her in a month or so!

My favorite station of the whole day, the “Mom-mosa” bar
The two best aunts baby Lyndsey will ever have
Laughs all the way around