Little Debbie Released a Ranking of All Their Products . . . Which Is Now Getting Tons of Debate

Little Debbie tweeted a graphic on Wednesday of their “2019 Snack Cake Rankings” listing almost all of their products into four tiers.

1. “Legends” tier: Oatmeal Crème Pies . . . Christmas Tree Cakes . . . Nutty Buddy.

2. “You see it, you want it” tier: Birthday Cakes . . . Turtle Brownies . . . Swiss Rolls . . . Glazed Donut Sticks . . . Mini Powdered Donuts.

3. “Crowd pleasers” tier: Honey Buns . . . Cosmic Brownies . . . Zebra Cakes . . . Fancy Cakes . . . Strawberry Shortcake Rolls . . . Fruit Pies . . . Pecan Spinwheels.

4. “For the enlightened few” tier: Boston Crème Rolls . . . Fig Bars . . . Banana Rolls . . . Orange Crème Cakes . . . Jelly Crème Pies . . . Raisin Crème Pies . . . Star Crunch.

And people were irate!

The Swiss Rolls were left out of the top tier.  Zebra Cakes are level 3 and where are the Fudge Rounds?

What were they thinking?

Twitter users brought up discontinued favorites that didn’t make the list

and wondered what some on the list even are

And Little Debbie responded

What’s your top tier of Little Debbie snack cakes?

Mine goes:
#1: Christmas Tree Cakes, Swiss Rolls, Fudge Rounds

#2: Zebra Cakes, Nutty Buddy, Star Crunch (not ashamed!)

#3: Glazed Donut Sticks and Cosmic Brownies

My sister and I used to get a Little Debbie Snack Cake in our lunch every day.  We would take turns picking out our treat for the week.  When it was her week she would pick the Oatmeal Creme Pies and I was LIVID.  Who wants that??? (as an adult I can appreciate them more)

My #1 was Swiss Rolls and I ate them like Oreos. I unrolled them, licked the icing first then dunked the chocolate cake in my milk.

Hmm…maybe that’s why she didn’t want me to get them, she was embarrassed to be seen with me eating them.