Would YOU Buy Used Makeup?

I totally understand about being on a tight budget, but you do need those beauty supplies to look your best, right? And you don’t want to skimp and buy lesser quality products? I’m with ya! I’m a couponing maniac when it comes to getting my products at a good deal. I also shop places like TJ Maxx & Marshalls for quality stuff without sticker shock.

But buying USED designer products? I’d never even consider it. It’s too risky. I mean, I would NEVER use even a friend or family member’s lipstick, much less buy a strangers! So, when I read that there were actual websites that sold used beauty products, I kind of freaked out. This is really a thing?

Would YOU buy used makeup? According to Elle Magazine, we shouldn’t. It sets us up for a ton of infections both bacterial and viral. Saving a few bucks is great…but not when our health could be at risk. – KW