Another Year -Georgia

A year ago yesterday marks the one year anniversary of my last knee surgery. The two years before that were filled with countless doctors appointments, MRIs, rehab facilities, and low moral as I endured repeated torn ACL and Meniscus injuries while dancing competitively at college. It’s a hard pill to swallow that the very thing you’ve loved and lived for for so long has caused you so much pain. I had always wanted to have a dance career in my early twenties likely at a theme park or cruise ship; but that was effectively put to an end my junior year of college. Three surgeries later, I have given up on that dream and found a new pleasure in music and entertainment. Though my knee has still not fully recovered, my spirits have.

Over the last year I have chosen to enjoy what life has to offer and indulge in the simple pleasures. These journeys led me to enjoy many Lime and Bird scooter rides over the last couple months; however, my last ride ended in a less than favorable outcome. I know we were just talking about them being removed from oceanfront due to their risk for injury, but even after my fall, I would still ride them again. If we don’t enjoy the little things in life, then what’s the point.