Josh Turner’s Crew Tour Bus Involved in Fatal Crash

A tour bus carrying some of Josh Tuner’s crew members crashed on Wednesday night following a concert in Paso Robles, Calif.

Sadly, one person is dead and multiple others are injured following the accident.

Josh was not on board at the time.

According to news outlet KSBY

CHP has ruled out drugs or alcohol being a cause of the crash. They say the tour bus left Josh Turner’s concert at Vina Robles and for unknown reasons, the driver left the road and drove 20 yards through vegetation until he hit the riverbed.

First responders say the bus launched off an 80 foot cliff, and impacted the sand. As a result of the impact, numerous passengers suffered major injuries.

Two passengers were ejected, one of them died. Emergency crews say the driver was extracted and transported to Cottage Hospital in Fresno by air.