Wavy News Truck Goes Viral After Getting Stuck Under I-264 Overpass {PICS}


Pics of the Wavy TV 10 news truck went viral today after the driver got stuck on 1-264. Not in a traffic jam…the van literally got stuck under I-264 overpass

Wavy responded explaining what happened saying:

In the name of transparency we wanted to tell you about an incident in Norfolk Wednesday involving a WAVY News live truck.

You may have already seen a photo of the truck circulating on social media.

Wednesday afternoon, a WAVY live truck hit one of the overpasses of I-264 in the parking lot across from Harbor Park. The truck cleared the first, and higher, set of lanes, but not the second. The mast did not clear the highway, causing the truck’s front end to pop up and become lodged under the interstate.

Thankfully, the WAVY photographer and reporter who were in the truck were not hurt. There was also no damage to the overpass. The same can’t be said for Live Truck 10.

A big thank you to the Norfolk Police Department and Norfolk Fire Department for assisting us in getting the vehicle moved.

But hey, like one viewer pointed out

Could be a new thing for y’all 🤷🏻‍♀️

and a lot of locals compared it to Andy Fox’s infamous “I am Past Perpendicular” moment

We’re just glad everyone involved was OK!