Cash Warren Reviews “It: Chapter 2.”

This past Saturday evening the wife and I decided to go out on the town. Our version of out on the town consists of us driving to the Lynnhaven mall and going to watch a picture show. With Halloween right around the corner, how could you go to the movies and watch anything other than, “It: Chapter 2?” So we did. And here’s what I thought about it.

We pick up 27 years later where the gang of “losers” have sworn to meet up again after defeating Pennywise the Clown, some 27 years earlier. The kids, now adults, are balancing life as fully employed contributors to society who have gone through some of the most unimaginable set of circumstances one could imagine. Needless to say, none of them are excited to hear the news that they must return to the small town in Maine where they all grew up to finish dealing with a killer clown living in the sewers. I know I sure wouldn’t go back.

Mike, has been tasked with staying in their hometown trying to find a way to defeat the killer clown. Now, when I say, tasked, he really did choose to stick around and investigate how to defeat the clown. I mean, he could’ve left, but decided not to. Thankfully, he stuck around because he’s figured it all out. He knows what he and his friends need to do to finish the job. Mike is the guy who reaches out to everyone telling them they must come back to fight the clown.

I enjoyed the backstory from the characters now that they are adults. It was nice to see what everyone was doing now that they are in their early 40s. Some were doing better than others, professionally and romantically. I also connected emotionally with the kids because I was also a kid when these actors were portrayed as children. The first time they encounter Pennywise is in 1989. I was up to no good in 1989 as well. The kid references made me think of my upbringing and it brought a smile to my face. The gang embarks on what seems like an impossible task reliving some of the more terrifying moments they’ve been trying to forget for the past 27 years.

First, let me start by saying that each chapter, 1 and 2, held their own. Usually, one side drags a bit. I thought both, kid and adult performances were strong. Especially, the kids. Back in the day, when “It” first came out, it was a made for television movie, so they used tv actors. This time around, we got legitimate Hollywood stars, which I believe makes a big difference. I loved the addition with Bill Hader as, “Richie.” Richie was a breath of fresh air, all while trying to not get killed by the clown. James McAvoy played, Bill, who’s still reeling the thought that Pennywise took out his little bro 27 years ago (spoiler alert). Bill, is a successful Hollywood writer struggling with coming up with the perfect ending to any of his stories. The connections between Bill’s professional struggles, not being able to finish a story, and his personal life, not being able to find closure and move on from the events that shaped his adult life, were underlying tones that I picked up while watching. Overall, McAvoy was great. Chastain’s version of Beverly was spot on. Beverly is still struggling with life-based on everything that she went through as a child and now the struggles of being a career-driven woman with a slimeball husband, things haven’t changed much for the poor girl. The rest of the supporting cast, James Ransone, who played, Eddie, had some good zingers throughout the film, but most of the attention was focused on the big 3.

When this movie was supposed to be scary, it was. Honestly, during some of the more scary moments, I had a chill run up my back. I’m not afraid to admit it. Jumps, there are some good ones. The length of the film is what really drove me nuts! I know, I”m insane, but in my older years, I struggle sitting there for more than an hour and a half for a movie. “It: Chapter 2” ran 2 hours and 30 minutes. Also, not to gripe, but it was pretty warm in the theater, which was full, by the way. I always say you’ve got to watch a scary movie with a large crowd. Speaking of the crowd, believe it or not, they didn’t respond the way most horror movie audiences respond. It could’ve been because it was so warm in the theater.

Overall, this movie was fun and long. If you don’t mind the length, this is a fun movie for you and your honey to watch during the weekend, if scary movies are your thing. I still say that if you’re looking for a good scary movie, you can’t go wrong with the new “Pet Cemetary” movie. I loved that movie! In a world of movie remakes, I’m all for Stephen King remakes, especially the new Shining movie coming out later this year. “Come play with us, Danny.” Run, kid. Run! I also love that Stephen King is making some cameos in all of these remakes. It’s kind of like how you would see Stan Lee appear in all the Marvel movies.

Overall, I give “It: Chapter 2” 3 out of 5 bags of popcorn. It’s fun, scary, but very long.