Halloween & The Strange Adventures Of Franken-TP

The Eagle after dark can be a very interesting place.  A lot of times I find myself either here in the studio late, or super early.  Sometimes there are people here, sometimes not so much.  You never know what could be lurking in the halls or in some of the other studios here.  It’s getting closer to Halloween, so I don’t think there is any coincidence as to what I would end up finding.

I went into one of the other studios to find a roll of toilet paper where a roll of toilet paper shouldn’t have been.  Weird?  Sure, but I didn’t think anything of it.  Little did I know what it would become.

Meet Franken-TP. 

Once on a roll, he was taken from his home and unraveled.  Soon, experiments would be done and this is what he would become.  Now a monster, he lives his life in exile, terrifying all who might cross his path.

This Halloween, consider this a warning.  When you remove your TP from it’s home, terrible things can happen.  Beware of Franken-TP.  He could visit you someday.


  • James Ace