Froot Loop and Pretzel Pop Tarts Are Coming!

“You are what you eat”

Well growing up I was Pop-Tart.  I ate so many pop-tarts my parents told me I would turn into one.

As much as I love the OG Strawberry Pop-Tart there’s two new flavors coming that has my inner child freaking out.

A Pretzel Cinnamon Sugar flavor (!!) and a Pretzel Chocolate flavor for the perfect combo of sweet and salty goodness.

And a Froot Loops-flavored Pop-Tart!

Now I just need some Saturday morning cartoons to watch while I eat them.

The question is…Toasted or Untoasted?

I always eat one straight out of the package while I wait for another to toast to get the best of both worlds.



How Do You Eat Pop-Tarts

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