What’s Hiding In Chris Stapleton’s Beard?

If you can guess correctly, you could grab some tickets and meet and greets to see the country superstar. What could be hiding in that giant beard?

All week long listen to Cash & Carly at 8:04 for your chance to guess what’s inside Chris Stapleton’s beard?

We’ll take 5 callers. Each caller is allowed to ask one question before guessing what is in Chris Stapleton‘s beard. Each day we’ll update this list so that you don’t guess the same object.

Here are the 5 questions asked and the wrong guesses from Tuesday the 15th:

Question 1: Is it something you can eat or drink?

Wrong Guess 1: Tickets

Question 2: Is it edible?

Wrong Guess 2: Grey Hairs (we’re sure there are plenty, Chris has a bunch of kids)

Question 3: Is it something you would normally hold in your hand?

Wrong Guess 3: Guitar Pick

Question 4: Does it light up?

Wrong Guess 4: Ornament

Question 5: Does it have anything to do with alcohol? (We told him it could, or could not be associated with drinking.)

Wrong Guess 5: Whiskey

Here are the 5 questions asked and the wrong guesses from Wednesday the 16th:

Question 1: Does it have an on & off switch?

Wrong Guess: Is it silly putty?

Question 2: Is it a body part?

Wrong Guess 2: Comb

Question 3: Is it a toy?

Wrong Guess 3: Hair beret

Question 4: Is it alive?

Wrong Guess: Red Solo Cup

Question 5: Is it an award?

Wrong Guess: Marriage band (wedding ring)

Tune in on Thursday morning at 8:04 for another chance to guess what’s hiding in Chris Stapleton’s beard.