Local 6 Year Old Honored For Helping The Fire Department Raise Money For Animal Oxygen Kits

6-year-old Carly Gray recently set up lemonade stands at her church to raise money to buy animal oxygen kits for Hampton Roads fire departments.

Carly was inspired to take action when her grandmother sent her a video of animals being saved by oxygen masks, and she has since raised enough money for three kits. When asked how other kids can help animals, she said, “You could raise money to buy them food because there are a lot of hungry animals. Or you could volunteer at a shelter. … My advice is just to do something, even if it’s something little, because my mom says little things add up and everything you do can make a big difference.”

PETA is honoring her efforts with the ‘A Hero to Animals’ award.

“An oxygen mask designed to fit on the face of a dog or a cat can mean the difference between life and death for an animal who has been exposed to smoke,” says PETA Director of Student Campaigns and Influence Rachelle Owen. “PETA is recognizing Carly and her fundraising efforts for proving that people of all ages can be heroes to animals.”