Carrie Underwood is a Truck-Driving-Hillbilly Screaming Banshee Woman in Brad Paisley’s New TV Show {WATCH}

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley are known for their on-stage antics at the countless CMA Awards year after year. But now they’re showing their on-camera chemistry and comedy on a whole new level. Episode 1 of Brad Paisley’s New Television Show, “Brad Paisley Thinks He’s Special” features his CMA Award co-host in what I can already tell is going to be an outstanding episode.

Paisley recently posted a little Sneak Preview of the episode with the caption.

“Sneak preview from the edit bay of “Brad Paisley Thinks He’s Special.”- Yes, @carrieunderwood is a crazy truck-driving-hillbilly screaming banshee woman. Who knew. ABC Dec 3rd 8:7 Central”

If this clip of Carrie Underwood driving a truck doesn’t get you excited for Brad Paisley’s new show on ABC next month. Well, you should watch it again.

The “Remind Me” singers have done it again, and I can’t wait to see the entire episode on December 3rd.

– Big Red