Why My Christmas Tree is In My Driveway This Year {PIC}

I’m a little Christmas crazy. I put up three full sized trees every year- two at home and one in the studio.

The first one went up last weekend in our living room.

The 2nd one we’ll wait to put up in the dining room after Thanksgiving.

First we have to spruce it up a bit.  It’s a white tree and over the years being stored in the attic it’s yellowed (from the heat I’m guessing?)

My husband found a solution online:

Mix 3 parts white vinegar with 1 part water in a large spray bottle and spritz it on all the affected branches of your tree. Then, leave your tree in direct sunlight for at least 12 hours. The vinegar will react with the sunlight and help bleach the branches back to sparkling white

So this morning I dragged the Christmas tree out into the driveway and mixed up my solution in a spray bottle.

The bottle was leaking though and I was late for work so I just dumped it all over the tree and left it there in the driveway.

When I got to work I was telling some co-workers about my solution and one said “But isn’t your tree going to smell like salad dressing now?”

Hmm…good point!  My hands did smell pretty bad after the DIY job.

Then Carly suggested I just spray with Dry Shampoo since it turns your hair so white.  GENIUS!!!

If this doesn’t work I’m going home to spray it with dry shampoo.

In the meantime I’m pretty sure my neighbors are going to think we’ve lost our minds since our Christmas tree is just sitting the driveway.