My Daughter Keeps Getting Sick and It’s Driving Me Insane! {Video}

I love the holidays, but the cooler months always bring in colds and flu and all the horrible stuff. Merry Christmas, here’s the stomach flu. No!!! Everyone seems to be down with the sickness in Hampton Roads.

My poor baby girl keeps catching colds. Over and over and over again. I’ve never seen a kid get sick like this in my entire life! I’m in debt up to the ceiling with the doctor’s office visits. I should have known that those sick appointments that you have to make in order for her to feel better cost, a lot!

Over the weekend she broke out in hives, out of nowhere. She can’t catch a break! We start thinking, maybe she ate something and she’s having some kind of allergic reaction. We couldn’t think of anything new that she may have eaten that would cause the problem. Then, she gets a weird cough and of course, her nose is stuffed up. The hives happened sporadically throughout the weekend and it carried over to Monday morning. I got a call early Monday from our daycare telling me that I need to come and get my kid because she looks miserable. They were right, she did.

I take her home and she clears up. I call the doctor and the soonest they can see her is on Wednesday. She still has a cough and a runny nose, but the hives have gone away. Hopefully, they stay away.

I really thought we would see a drop in illness with us moving to the east coast, but they’ve skyrocketed. This is the first time she’s been in a real daycare. The poor women who work at the daycare, they need to get paid, a lot! Every time I walk into the daycare, there’s some kid, sick. I always feel terrible for the little boys and gals. Those women working in the daycare are SUPERHEROES!

Maybe I’m nuts, but I don’t ever remember getting sick as the kids do nowadays. What’s up with that? I’ve washed my hands so much it feels like they’re going to fall off. Good luck!