How to Keep a Cat Off a Christmas Tree, According to Reddit

Do you struggle with your cat climbing the Christmas tree?

I’ve been lucky, my cats never bothered it.

We just lost our beloved cat Louie yesterday and his favorite thing to do was to just sit under the tree. Words can’t express how much I will miss seeing this.

When we got our new kitten Hobbes two years ago from the VBSPCA, I worried he would see it as play toy…since that’s how he sees everything…but 2 years in and the most he’s done is knocked an ornament off the bottom.

If you’re not as lucky, scoured Reddit to find the best solutions for keeping your cat off the tree.

Hack #1: Buy or make a tree skirt
TheFrostedForest uses a fluffy tree skirt that’s comfortable enough to distract the cats from the tree itself. Or try a hard tree collar.

We got one for the first time this year to cover the base of the artificial tree and love it.

Hack #2:  Create a deterrent

• This Reddit user suggested using a ring of plastic bags

This would NEVER work in my house where the cats loved plastic bags and seems like a suffocation hazard to me for other cats who love playing in them too.  I’d skip this one but there are more suggestions…

• Redditor dontakelife4granted uses crumpled foil.

• Dangerstar19 suggests laying tape down, sticky-side up.

• Mattsmith321 uses foil and tape.

• Bloomingnblossoming piles up gifts—and fake gifts for filler—in a ring around the tree.

Hack #2: Put Up a Non Traditional Tree 

• Pet_Rock788 wraps pine garlands around their cat’s usual tower, and sprinkles them with catnip.

• Fsaco anchors the tree to the ceiling. Gardengoddess52 uses a fishing line strung to a hook on the wall.

Hack #3: Spray a repellent

Use a cat repellent spray. Rachaelcutie314 recommends peppermint. Cfrech59 suggests a bitter apple spray. MakiseKurisu23 uses citrus. You can get these and other repellents at a pet store.

Hack #4: Minimize the Damage

If your cat insists on batting at the tree  Redditor AncapNomad suggests using plastic (or otherwise cheap and hardy) ornaments on the bottom branches, where they’re not as visible anyway.

and remember, don’t use tinsel which is bad for your cats to eat!


Merry Catmus!