Blake Shelton Goes On a Joyride with Nascar Driver Clint Bowyer {VIDEO}

Blake Shelton is known to have his fair share of fun, but when it comes to getting inside of a race car with Nascar Driver Clint Bowyer, the heat is turned up just a little bit. I think everyone has always wondered how it would feel to go fast, and I’m not talking going 10 MPH over the speed limit on the highway, I’m talking going almost 200 MPH in a race car. I may not be the biggest fan of Nascar, but man would that be something that is on my bucket list.

And if it was on Blake Shelton’s bucket list, he can officially cross it off! Check out the video the “God’s Country” single took below.

I think I can sense a new and deep friendship between Bowyer and Shelton after the thrilling experience.

Blake Shelton wasn’t the only country star to enjoy an experience, Jake Owen, also had his heart rate elevated as he took the passenger seat with Kevin Harvick.

Would you ever want to sit in the passenger seat of a race car?

– Big Red