Restaurant Serves Single Banana Slice With a Candle in It Instead of Birthday Cake {PICS}

A woman was served a birthday cake that wasn’t actually a cake…it was a single slice of banana with a candle in it.

Here’s the story. Twitter user @YazisAlright is vegan so when she asked the restaurant for a vegan cake the waiter brought her one piece of banana with a candle in it, and “happy birthday” written in chocolate. (She confirmed in a subsequent tweet that the chocolate syrup was, in fact, vegan.)

It quickly went viral with more than 60,000 people liking the tweet.

Others soon chimed in with their own vegan birthday cake horror stories, including one person, Logan, who literally received “a cup of ice with a cherry on top.”

My question is…why just ONE slice of the banana?  They could have at least hooked her up with the whole banana, right?

I became a vegetarian at 12 years old and I’ve had my fair share of going out to eat horror stories.  I was once served a wedge of lettuce.  Not a wedge salad.  Simply a wedge of lettuce, no dressing, no tomatoes NOTHING.

Buffets are my worst nightmare.  Do I try something only to find out later (when I’m horribly sick) there was meat in it? Or stick to just a dinner roll.  I stick to the dinner roll.

It’s my personal choice though so I accept that…and pack a protein bar.

As for my birthday, we have so many great plant based bakeries here in town I had  my pick of yummy goodies.

This year I treated myself to two cakes.  One from My Vegan Sweet Tooth and another from Empowered Plant Cakes.


If you’re looking for some great Vegan/Vegetarian friendly restaurants in Hampton Roads here are some more of my favorites:


All vegan:

Kahiau’s Bakery & Cafe

The Bumbling Bee


My husband is not plant based so these are the restaurants we like to go to together.



Yorgo’s Bagledashery

Charlie’s Cafe

Pelon’s Baja Grill

Kotobuki Sushi Bar  (get the vegan shrimp!)

and Zero’s location at the oceanfront offers their subs with my favorite Honest Pastures “meat”