Airport Creates Christmas Tree From Confiscated Items [PHOTO]

Every year, every time we travel the same things happen. You get ready to travel for the holiday season, you pack, arrive at the airport, get through security, and hopefully are on your merry way. But for some, that may not be the easiest process to get through.

Confiscated items obviously are not allowed on planes or any type of travel with mass amounts of people. So if you forget to unpack something (which happens I’m sure to everyone) there is a possibility you are going to get stopped by TSA because of some item you aren’t supposed to bring on the flight.

Now you may wonder to yourself, where do all these items go once they are taken, well for one airport in Lithuania, around the holidays they put their items to good use, and make the airport more festive.

“With the winter travel season well under way, the Aviation security officers at Vilnius Airport opted for an unusual take on the Christmas classic, aiming to send an educational message on the importance of aviation security. Using items that are prohibited to carry in hand luggage and which were taken away from passengers during screening, the lads at the Aviation security unit of Lithuania’s main airport created a truly unique educational masterpiece.” The airport said on LinkedIn.

They use scissors as the base, and surround the tree with other items, such as knives, glass, bullets, brass knuckles and much more.

Now that’s one way to get into the Christmas Spirit.