Glimpse of Luke Bryan in the Shower Due to Holiday Prank {VIDEO}~Carly!

I always love a good prank (as long as it’s not being played on me), well check out what Luke Bryan’s wife just did…

Merry Christmas, Luke Bryan fans! His wife, Caroline, brought back one of her most popular annual holiday pranks against her husband….

coating a bar of soap with clear nail polish—resulting in Bryan giving viewers a little bit more of himself than we usually see.

“‘Soapy Claus’ is back. So many people have told me that the soap prank last year was their favorite,” noted Caroline. “So I did it again and had some friends get their husbands! Poor Luke was quick to catch on! Anyone who wants to try it…all you do is get a fresh bar of soap and coat it with clear nail polish. It won’t lather!”

Check out their Christmas tree…Or should I say their dogs???