Jason Aldean’s Son Memphis is a Ladies’ Man [VIDEO]

Jason and Brittany Aldean have a lot to look forward to in 2020, the completion of their brand new house (Fully Equipped with a bowling alley) as well some great memories with their kiddos. There second youngest, Memphis, is already starting to notice the ladies as they spend some time on the beach around the holiday season.

Brittany Aldean shared a video of Memphis hanging out on the beach, and it looked like the only thing on his mind and his eyesight were some approaching girls, while his mom was filming him. It’s the cutest video to end the New Year, and it is adorable.

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She captioned the video with IM IN SO MUCH TROUBLE…”, so apart from all they have to look forward to in 2020, sounds like they’ll have to keep a close eye on their son Memphis and the New Year progresses!

– Big Red