Donnie Wahlberg Tipped HOW MUCH?!? [PHOTO]

One of my goals for the New Year is being better about how much I tip people at restaurants. Whether it be tipping a take out chinese place (I’ve never tipped them before), or when I go to Starbucks for my cup of coffee, leaving a dollar or two in the tip jar. It is one thing that I haven’t been great at doing, but those who have jobs in the service industry, can really get the short end of the stick sometimes, and even a dollar or two can help their day tremendously.

Even though I am going to start tipping more and be better about what I leave on my bill, I’m not sure if I can top what Donnie Wahlberg did over the New Year holiday. He recently frequented an IHOP with his wife Jenny McCarthy, and they had a bill of $78.45, and instead of leaving your normal 20% tip on a check at IHOP, he decided to be generous and gave a whopping $2,020 tip on the bill.

McCarthy, who tweeted out a picture of the receipt used the hashtag #2020TipChallenge, to challenge all out there to start being mindful of the tips you leave (or don’t leave) for others. And even though I may never be able to leave a tip as big as the year we are in, I love the inspiration!

– Big Red