1971 Rolex Oyster Cosmograph is Worth a Whole lot of Money! ~ CASH {Video}

Wait, the watch is worth how much?

I would’ve passed out just like this guy did. Can you imagine owning something for as long as this man has and have no idea that you’re sitting on a small fortune? It reminds me of the story about the family who took in the artwork that had been hanging in their kitchen to get it appraised. Come to find out, the painting that had been hanging on the wall for years and years and was worth millions of dollars.

David knew that he always wanted a Rolex watch. Something that he had seen most commercial airline pilots wear. The thing is, he didn’t have the money to purchase one until he got a sweet discount. David bought the Rolex for $354.97 in 1974. Fast forward to 2020, the watch, if put up at auction, would fetch somewhere between $400,000-$700,000 dollars!


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Watch our top find of the season with a knee-buckling Rolex appraisal that floors the guest—literally!

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