Teen Brothers Create Shot for Shot remake of Toy Story 3 with REAL Toys, and It Only Took 8 Years. [VIDEO]

There are people who are fans of a movie, and then there are people out there who are super fans who have a very creative mind. Des Moines brothers, Morgan and Mason McGrew are what you would call super fans of Toy Story.

So much so, that they decided it would be fun to remake the entire movie Toy Story 3, using a Live-Action format with REAL TOYS. The McGrew brothers started the project eight years ago, when Morgan was 15-years-old and Mason was 12. The just finished the project this month and premiered the final product, in its entirety on YouTube…

And it is INCREDIBLE! The Toy Story franchise is one of my favorite animated movie franchises of ALL-TIME. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. Enjoy…

The movie has already garnered over a million views in the first week. So sit back, grab your favorite movie theater snack, and enjoy.

– Big Red