Every Must-See Super Bowl 2020 Commercial {WATCH}

Rocket Morgage ruined every woman’s Jason Momoa fantasy

Google had a Super Bowl ad that made us cry.

Bill Murray relived Groundhog Day

Tom Brady’s big announcement was just a Hulu ad

Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl commercial with Jimmy Fallon and John Cena was so good fans want them to make a movie together.

John Legend took his wife, Chrissy Teigen, to a Gatsby-esque party to help launch Genesis’ “Young Luxury” brand campaign for Hyundai’s new top-of-the-line vehicles.

Hyundai’s ad featured Chris Evans, John Krasinski, and Rachel Dratch

Doritos went for a big scale, western, cinematic experience featuring rapper, Lil Nas X, actor Sam Ellior and Billy Ray Cyrus

Mountain Dew had Breaking bad actor, Bryan Cranston and Black-is actor, Tracee Ellis Ross (who’s also Diana Ross’s daughter) acting out the famous “Here’s Jonny” scene from cult eighties movie, The Shining.

The “Thank U, next”: Pop-Tarts Pretzel starred Jonathan Van Ness.

Maisie Williams sang Frozen‘s “Let It Go” in a new Super Bowl 2020 ad for the Audi e-tron Sportback.

Missy Elliott and H.E.R. turned red to black in their Pepsi Zero Sugar commercial

Ellen DeGeneres teamed up with her wife Portia de Rossi in an Amazon Alexa commercial.

Pringles enlisted Rick and Morty (cartoons are celebrities, right?)


Snickers fixed the world


The Mr. Peanut Super Bowl ad revived him as #BabyNut, thanks to the Kool-Aid Man’s tears


Charlie Day Is Really Stressed About When to Do His Laundry in Full Tide Super Bowl Commercial


Oprah and The Rock are “running mates” in the new Weight Watchers commercial! Get it??

Pepsi Zero Sugar is looking better than ever, with a new take on an iconic track featuring Missy Elliott and H.E.R.

As part of their #MakeSpaceForWomen campaign, Katie Couric, Taraji P. Henson, Busy Philipps, Lilly Singh and astronaut Nicole Stott starred in an Olay ad promoting their pledge to donate $1 to the organization Girls Who Code for every tweet that includes #MakeSpaceForWomen @OLAYSkin.

Martin Scorsese and Johah Hill reunited to promote Coca-Cola Energy

Bud Light’s seltzer goes inside Post Malone’s mind as he tries to make up his mind between the new drink and his go-to of regular Bud Light.