Big Red Asked You: What’s the Best TV Show Theme Song of All-Time?

Since HBO Max announced this past week that ‘Friends’ was officially making a comeback, it made me start to think of some of the greatest TV Shows of all-time, but not only that. The greatest Theme Songs to those Television Shows of ALL-TIME.

I think when you talk about the best of the best, you have to break it up into eras of Television. But the majority of the TV Theme Songs you are going to thing about are oldies that still stand the test of time to this day. That is what makes this question so fascinating.

I look at my top shows of all-time and they aren’t necessarily accompanied by a GREAT Theme Song. Here are some of my favorite Theme Songs of all-time. ‘The Jeffersons’, ‘Andy Griffith’ ‘The Addams Family’, ‘Family Matter’, ‘Step by Step’, ‘Game of Thrones’, and ‘The Sopranos’…

But My ALL-Time Favorite is ‘Gilligan’s Island’ (Check it out down below)

Now that you know my favorite Theme Songs of all-time. Check out some of your favorites. Do you agree with the suggestions? What songs would you add to the list?

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– Big Red