Survey Shows People Discover Their Favorite Band at Age 13

Do you remember your favorite band or artist when you were 13? Do you still like them?

A new survey shows that you find your favorite band around the age of 13 and stick with ’em.

Guess I’m in the minority.

At 13, I bought my first CD- Boyz II Men ‘Cooleyhighharmony.’  They were hands down my favorite band and I listened to that on repeat. The only country song I knew was Billy Ray Cyrus “Achy Breaky Heart” and was not impressed (sorry Billy Ray.)

But at 15, my sister brought home a mix tape (yes cassette tape!) from college that included George Strait, John Michael Montgomery and Wade Hayes and I was hooked.

So I was a few years late finding my favorite artists but better late than never right?

Oh and I still love Boyz II Men so my 13 year old inner child was thrilled with their CMT Crossroads with Brett Young.