Static Cling Nightmare: Kid Finds Mom’s Underwear Stuck Inside Pants Leg During Class

Can you think of the worst way mom or dad embarrassed you in front of your friends when you were a kid? I can think of a few. 😉 Anyway, this poor kid’s mom wasn’t even AT school and managed to pull off the ultimate embarrassment…thanks to static cling! During music class, little Hunter found a pair of his mom’s underwear stuck inside his pants leg. And it’s easy to understand why he or mom didn’t notice it earlier. It was a pair of little silk thong underwear…securely fastened by a bad case of static cling! But fortunately, Hunter saved himself by shoving the underwear back in his pants leg.

Until…mom picked him up from school. And then little Hunter shared how his day went.

Since then, Mom has created a new FB group called Victims of Static Cling Support Group, where others can share their most embarrassing stories about the devil from the dryer!

Y’all be careful out there and don’t skimp on the fabric softener. I once wore a sock on the bottom of my sweater all day and I still haven’t forgiven certain co-workers for not saving me! 😉 Just sayin’. – KW