Enormous Beehive Removed from Richmond Apartment Ceiling. ~ CASH {Pics}

This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Yeah, you better call in the pros to take care of this one. An 8-foot beehive was recently discovered in an abandoned apartment in Richmond. Thank goodness it was abandoned. According to reports, the property owner kept seeing bees coming in and out of the air duct system. Not thinking that there was a giant hive above him, the owner called in the Virginia Wildlife Management and Control to handle his problem.

The only thing that I can think about is the story I read about the guy burning his house down trying to flame-throw the beehive he found outside his house. Don’t do it! Although, it makes for great show prep. I’m kidding folks. You’ve got to call in the professionals to handle something like this. I’m sure there’s a way to remove the hive and the bees without disrupting things too bad. Back home, we have a rattlesnake problem. These little things will slither their way into your garage and then what do you do? Well, we usually just call the Sheriff. I always thought that was strange, calling the sheriff to handle a snake or anything else that’s weird and in your house.

Check out the photos from the Richmond apartment. Yikes!?