Guy Told Sister He Would Bring Llama As His Date To Her Wedding…And Really Did It

You know, when we’re kids we say a LOT of silly things. We make a LOT of crazy promises. And of course, we like to torture our siblings with those things. We don’t really mean that stuff, right? My little brother used to torture me and my sisters all the time! But…he never did anything CRAZY like THIS!

When Mendl Weinstock was 14, he told his sister Riva that if she ever got married and made him come to the wedding, he was bringing a llama as his date.

Fast forward five years.

He didn’t forget his vow.

Riva got married last weekend and guess who Mendl brought to the wedding?

5 years ago I promised my sister I would bring a llama to her wedding from r/pics

AWWWWWW! Look at that llama’s tuxedo….isn’t it so cuuuuuute?

Sorry. Got sidetracked. ANYWAY, Riva may be furious (judging by the look on her face), but Mendl and his date are now internet famous!

Mendl says it cost about $450 to rent the llama….and it was worth it. 😂 – KW