Police Officers Help Young Mother Celebrate Her Child’s First Birthday {Watch}

This is probably the sweetest thing you’ll see all day. And the officers didn’t even want to get credit for it! The police department was doing random body cam audits when they saw the good deed…and they posted it! And I’m so glad they did.

Two police officers near Atlanta saw a woman walking out in the cold. Officer Nick Bonney asked her if she wanted a ride and she graciously accepted. She was holding balloons because she was out getting supplies for her 1 year old daughter’s birthday party. During the conversation, she mentioned that she wanted to stop to get a cake for her.

Without hesitation, Officer Nick handed his partner his credit card and asked him to go in the store to get a cake to surprise the young mom.

And the officers even went to her home to wish the little girl a happy birthday!

Check out the video!

Thank you Officer Nick for helping to make this family’s day memorable! – KW