Jason Aldean Lightens the Mood With Toilet Paper Joke {PIC}

In these times of panic, quarantine, and toilet paper shortage, we all need to remember that it’s okay to laugh every once in a while. Jason Aldean provided the perfect post for comic relief yesterday, and did what many of us have been thinking for years now, ‘How do I put my CVS receipt to good use?’. The “Rearview Town” singer has you covered…

He captions the post with an even better caption. “This is what it’s come to at my house since y’all bought up all the toilet paper.” He makes a great point, I haven’t been able to go to a store in the past week and find any toilet paper. Thankfully I stocked up a couple weeks ago.

How are you keeping things under control during this time? Watching movies? Reading? Playing games? Let me know over on twitter!

– Big Red