Elaborate Underground Doomsday Bunker, From 1978, on Sale for $18M in Las Vegas [PICS]~Carly!


Doomsday preppers are finally cashing in thanks to coronavirus fears.
A huge, elaborate underground house in Las Vegas has just hit the market for a cool $18 million.
“It’s not just a house, it’s a subterranean 15,000 sqft concrete & steel rectangular-shaped doomsday bunker,”

The bunker comes complete with a 5,000 square foot house with an underground “pool, spa, waterfall, trees, guest house, BBQ, fountain and 500 linear feet of floor to ceiling illuminated murals of landscapes of wide-open spaces simulating day, dusk, dawn and night modes.”

Centrally located and just blocks away from the (above ground) Kindred Hospital, the compound, complete with four full bathrooms and two half baths, was built as a nuclear bunker in 1978 — and looks like it.

Acting as a time capsule, the furnishings are straight out of a movie set, with drapes that match the furniture in the living room, a pink-tiled kitchen with matching cabinets and patio furniture surrounding the grill, which is artfully hidden inside a large, fake, painted rock.

There is also a house above ground, on top of the underground dwelling. All furnishings and “one year of caretaker and upkeep are included.”

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