Hospital Workers Cheer for Patients Leaving ICU. ~ CASH {Watch}

You just defeated death, you deserve a standing ovation.

These videos are incredible. Every time I see a video of healthcare workers, it makes me emotional. These incredible people are risking their lives to take care of us, complete strangers. If anyone deserves a standing ovation, it’s them. I sure hope the essential workers who are risking their lives to keep America running are taken care of once this all passes.

What an incredible video. With so many deaths, it’s nice to see those who beat the virus. I love reading the stories about folks who are well into their 90s beating corona. I’ve seen stories of folks who are in their 100s beating the virus. Good for them. If you’re a survivor, you deserve applause. Kind of like Mrs. Jones in Georgia. She won her battle against the virus and received beautiful applause by hospital staff when she left ICU.