Brad Paisley Crashes Teachers Zoom Meeting With Inspiring Message {WATCH}

Last Friday, Brad Paisley invited fans to text him their Zoom invites so he could crash their virtual hangouts.

Paisley Pub Crawl. This Saturday. 7-8 PM CST. You set up the Zoom party with your friends, then text me the invite to 615-235-5921. I’ll crash as many as I can.

One fan, Ashlyn Williamson, a 3rd grade teacher at Oak Grove Elementary School in Hattiesburg, Miss., decided to go for it.  Nashville’s Tennessean newspaper reports that she invited Brad to the Teachers Night In call “on a whim,” adding, “never in a million years did I think Brad Paisley would actually jump on.”

About 15 minutes into the teachers call on Saturday, Brad popped up!  He was wearing a Star Wars Mandalorian helmet to conceal his identity but after he revealed himself, he got serious.

Brad gave some advice for the seniors who are seeing their senior year get disrupted saying:

“If you don’t like this, then go be somebody that can fix this kind of thing someday. Go figure out what needs done and channel this. Become what you want to be. It’s not fair, I hate it, go out there and make a difference.”

Watch a recap of all the Zoom hang outs that Brad crashed this weekend: